Scott Vezina | Art Director | Boston, MA

I notice things…

I notice things about people, about brands, about behaviors and about products. What worked today might not work tomorrow. With user expectations at an all-time high, brands need a digital experience that is intuitive, beautiful, and optimized across any platform. Through a human-centric design methodology, it’s my job to create solutions that will resonate.

Many people I speak to in the creative business, if they're being honest, really don't enjoy critical feedback. It tends to make most people very uncomfortable. As a trusted creative, you have to always be prepared to jump in the fire and answer questions or comments about your work. Just showing your work and expecting for everyone to love it is both naive and doesn't allow you to grow as a creative.

I’m comfortable being uncomfortable.

Few things are more important to creativity, teamwork, and leadership than trust. Yet trust is one of the rarest and most misunderstood things on most teams and in most companies. I'm always trying to work on my communication skills so that I'm effective at not only receiving feedback but giving it as well.

As a creative, you have to know that you can take a risk and trust that your leadership will help you work through it. Our work is so personal that if we do not trust our leaders then we get frustrated, our work shrinks and we never do anything unique or original. For me, trust was the most important thing in the work we did so I always approached transformation from a human perspective instead of work-based. I have always believed that if the culture is right if people are invested, and if they feel like they can trust everyone around them the great work will follow – and so far it seems to be working.