emerging workforce

young and restless

As older generations retire, and Gen Z, (those born between 1995 and 2010) enter the job market, employers are counting on them. That’s because by 2030, the youngest of the Boomers will turn 65, and older Gen Xers will have retirement on the horizon.

As an organization, Monster is continually delivering solid, data driven reports on the outlook of the upcoming workforce. Our Emerging Workforce report is full of invaluable informations for companies recruiting this sector of workers. We needed a site that highlights not only the report, but additional webinars, videos and infographics that continue the story.


83% of Gen Z candidates said that a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is important when choosing an employer, and we felt it important to make sure that this site felt that way visually to our users. I wanted to get as many eyeballs on this project and involve them at the earliest stage. It’s very clean and easy to scan, along with a staggered placement of sections to break any monotony.

The design was not meant to be an essay. We kept it short and to the point, to ensure the site was easily understood, referenced, and remembered.

Social Influence

By engaging users through social media and offering them useful, relevant content that they can download for free, we were able to get a amazing 34% lift as opposed to an average 3.4%. We also had multiple posts that increased engagement by holding surveys, asking questions, and connecting with the audience.

Using brand recognition, we made sure the brand was in front of potential users giving them more incentive to engage with our content.