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The Fun is OVER!

You’ve graduated college and now you have to look for a job - and that can be incredibly stressful. 68% of college grads, in a recent poll, stated that they feel very alone and vulnerable trying to get their career in gear.

Grads wanted a “checklist” of things they could use as a resource for getting their career started. Not just job posts, not just resume help, not just a career path - but all of it in one place that was easy to understand and comprehend.

The most challenging part of this project was to take all the amount of data, and getting it to be clear and concise with simple and instinctual navigation. I had to be particularly aware of not only the amount of output, but the actual outcome of the page.


In this design we decided the use of Personas worked as more of an advantage, as opposed to using JTBD (Jobs-to-be-done). Personas are meant to be rich representations of users, and go further than mere demographic or personal details. Most well-crafted personas include a multitude of information from personal details to goals and motivations.

Using empathy enabled us to understand not only our users’ immediate frustrations, but also their hopes, fears, abilities, limitations, reasoning, and goals.

The design contained a collection of information, in a clean and useful layout, that allowed users to find exactly what they were searching for without having to read too much information that might not apply to them.

We blew off the keg party to ace the final

The first thing we focused on was creating a new and more efficient site map that simplified access to the valuable information visitors were looking for. At the same time we were laying out the site map, we were also defining the content strategy for the redesigned website. The content strategy was central to ensuring only up-to-date and relevant content would remain on the site, and helped us identify content gaps that existed where new content would need to be created to fully tell the story for recent grads.

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