monster intelligence

big data isn't about bits, it's about talent

Monster has a solid reputation of providing pivotal content not only about finding the right career opportunity but hiring the perfect fit for your organization.

Our users are incredibly vocal about using data we’ve collected from thousands of polls, surveys and our own internal data, that we wanted to build a place where they could go to for that invaluable information. From our research we found that our employer base is hungry for more content about the industry, however not everyone has the time to read all of our articles.

We needed to find another way to target that audience, and a podcast sounded like a fantastic vehicle to drive traffic, uncover new customers and increase conversions. And as far as data is concerned, our customers are equally as hungry for that information.

above all else, show the data

Separate studies show that podcast listeners display massive engagement rates (76%) similar to that of listeners of the weather or the news (both 79%), putting them far ahead of people watching TV (56%) or using social media (50%).

Not only does podcast marketing allow advertisers to target their audience in the same ways other digital channels allow, but with display retargeting, businesses can also reconnect with users who have already listened to our audio ad with a display ad as they browse online.

time to design

Contrary to common opinion, this design idea is more about utility and minimalism than a dreary two-dimensional design. Flat design, on the other hand, is neither boring nor uninteresting. Bright colors, clean-cut edges, and wide spaces make it work.

Observing and implementing a hierarchy of information, such as visual hierarchy, is an important UX design element. To put it another way, a design that prioritizes the appropriate metrics.